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Purification and Antioxidation Activity of Polyphenol from Cyrtomium fortune

Huifang ZHANG(),Ye WANG,Weichao HU,Shu YUAN,Ming YUAN*()   

  1. College of Life Science, Sichuan Agricultural University, Ya′an 625014, China
  • Received:2018-12-12 Online:2019-04-25 Published:2019-05-08
  • Contact: Ming YUAN E-mail:1058214293@qq.com;yuanming@sicau.edu.cn
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The polyphenols were extracted from Cyrtomium fortune with 70% ethanol, and then purified with 7 macroporous resins. The results showed that HPD100 resin had the best purification effect based on the adsorption rate and desorption rate. The effect of sample mass concentration, loading speed of sample, volume fraction of desorption ethanol, desorption speed and sample pH value on the purification of HPD100 resin was further analyzed, and the optimum purification conditions were obtained as follows: mass concentration of sample solution 2.00 g/L, pH value 5, loading speed of sample 1 mL/min, volume fraction of desorption ethanol 70% and desorption speed 2 mL/min. Under these conditions, the content of polyphenols increased from 27.64% to 54.00% (the yield of polyphenols was 6.46%). The purified polyphenols showed higher antioxidant activity. For the purified polyphenols, the IC50of DPPH radical (DPPH·) and hydroxyl radical (·OH) were 0.01 and 0.49 g/L, respectively; but for the crude polyphenols, the IC50 of DPPH· and ·OH were 0.05 and 1.79 g/L, respectively. At 0.04 g/L, the DPPH· scavenging activity of the purified polyphenols was 90.82%, almost similar to that of Vc. At 0.05 g/L, ferric ion reducing power of the purified polyphenols was 0.47, but the crude polyphenols was only 0.25. Furthermore, the purified polyphenols exhibited better DPPH· scavenging activity and ferric ion reduction ability under acidic conditions and the hydroxyl radical scavenging activity under alkaline condition.

Key words: Cyrtomium fortune, polyphenols, purification with macroporous resin, antioxidant activity

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