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Preparation and Antioxidant Effect of Zanthoxylum bungeanum Leaves and Potentilla fruticosa Leaves Extracts Compound Beverage

Ruofei ZHENG(), Zijia LIU, Nuernisa KASIMU, Dongmei WANG()   

  1. College of Forestry, Northwest A&F University; Key Laboratory of Economic Plant Development and Utilization of Shaanxi Province, Yangling 712100, China
  • Received:2021-06-27 Online:2022-04-28 Published:2022-05-06
  • Contact: Dongmei WANG E-mail:971788137@qq.com;dmwli@163.com


The Zanthoxylum bungeanum leaves extracts(ZBE) and Potentilla fruticosa leaves extracts(PFE) were prepared by ultrasonic assisted extraction and macroporous adsorptive resins, and the optimal mixing ratio was determined by isoradiation analysis. The results showed that the mixture of ZBE and PFE(mass ratio 3:1) exhibited the strongest synergistic antioxidant interaction. The formulation of ZBE and PFE compound beverage was as follows: the mixture of ZBE and PFE(3:1) 0.10%, xylitol 0.015%, aspartame 8.00%, citric acid 0.10%, CMC-Na 0.30%, xanthan gum 0.02%, and β-cyclodextrin 0.40%, 0.05% potassium sorbate. After boiling sterilization for 30 min, the total colonies numbers, mold and yeast numbers, coliform numbers, and foodborne pathogenic numbers of beverage were all meet the national standards, the total phenol content(TPC) was 0.014 1 μmol/g, the total flavonoid content(TFC) was 0.019 8 μmol/g, the content of the six main components catechin, ferulic acid, hypericin, rutin, quercitrin and afzelin were(28.76±0.20), (13.72±0.16), (65.32±0.55), (19.85±0.27), (62.76±0.36), (16.78±0.22) mg/g, the ABTS+· free radical scavenging capability was (2.09±0.011) μmol/g, the FRAP trivalent iron reduction capacity was (1.21±0.003) μmol/g, the mass concentration of the samples required to removing 50% DPPH·(IC50) was (436.48±3.16) mg/L, it exhibited strong antioxidant effects. Furthermore, after chemical stability test and the prediction and verification tests of shelf life, the shelf life at (25±2) ℃ was 6 months.

Key words: Zanthoxylum bungeanum leaves, Potentilla fruticosaleaves, compound beverage, synergistic antioxidant interaction

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