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    As an important element of academic research, academic journals bear significant responsibilities and missions in preserving the integrity of the academic environment, promoting good academic practices, and fostering the healthy development of industries. Research integrity serves as the cornerstone of scientific innovation, and it is crucial for all participants in academic research, paper writing, and publishing to uphold and practice research integrity.

    The "Chemistry and Industry of Forest Products" an academic journal in the field of forestry and biomass chemical engineering, is committed to promoting industry-academic exchanges. We uphold a rigorous publishing style, standardize the academic publishing process, preserve the scientific nature of papers, and safeguard academic dignity. To uphold and promote research integrity, prevent academic misconduct, and adhere to high standards of publishing ethics, the following provisions regarding academic integrity issues involved in the paper publishing process are stipulated. For detailed information, please refer to the official website of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) at http://www.publicationethics.org/.

    Author's Responsibilities:

    1.1 Authors must ensure that the submitted paper is an original work and complies with relevant laws and policies in China.

    1.2 Authors must ensure that the paper does not involve state secrets or infringe upon intellectual property rights. The paper should be free from academic misconduct, such as simultaneous submission, duplicate publication, false attribution, plagiarism, falsification, false annotation, and failure to cite the sources of others' works. Authors should ensure that no other publication is sought before receiving a rejection notice from the editorial office.

    1.3 Authors should clearly indicate the source of cited references and provide a reference list according to the appropriate bibliographic format. They should acknowledge the scientific support and consultation provided by various units and individuals.

    1.4 Authors should respect the modification suggestions of the peer reviewers and editors. By submitting the manuscript, authors agree to grant the exclusive license to use and distribute the copyright of the paper to the editorial office of the "Chemistry and Industry of Forest Products" after publication.

    Editor's Responsibilities:

    2.1 Editors must strictly comply with relevant national laws and regulations, adhere to academic publishing ethics and standards, and uphold research integrity. In accordance with the purpose and requirements of the "Chemistry and Industry of Forest Products" editors should promptly and objectively review manuscripts (including inviting peer experts for review).

    2.2 Editors should provide timely feedback to authors regarding the opinions of the peer reviewers and suggestions that meet the editorial standards. Editors should respect authors' research achievements, value the opinions of peer reviewers, and protect authors' creative enthusiasm. Discussions and debates on different academic perspectives should be encouraged.

    2.3 Editors must maintain the authenticity of the review records and keep the information confidential during the review and revision processes. Editors and editorial staff, except when providing necessary information to corresponding authors, reviewers, and members of the editorial board, should not disclose any information related to submitted manuscripts to others.

    2.4 Editors have an obligation to investigate and address academic misconduct. Tools such as the "Academic Misconduct Detection System" should be used to identify and detect potential academic misconduct during the journal's editorial and publishing processes. Authors agree to the use of the CC BY-NC-ND license by the editorial office after the publication of the article.

    Reviewer's Responsibilities:

    3.1 Reviewers should respect the authors' research achievements and avoid reviewing manuscripts with which they have conflicts of interest. They should ensure a scientific and accurate review of manuscripts and provide objective and fair evaluations.

    3.2 If reviewers identify errors in viewpoints, factual information, serious plagiarism, or suspect data fabrication in the submitted manuscript, they should provide explicit opinions to the journal's editorial office regarding whether the manuscript meets the criteria for public publication.

    3.3 Reviewers must strictly maintain the confidentiality of the reviewed manuscripts, refrain from sharing or discussing them with others, and not use or publish the data, opinions, or conclusions of the reviewed manuscripts. All review comments and information must be kept confidential and not be used for personal purposes.

    To maintain academic ethics and ensure the academic reputation of the journal, authors who submit papers to this journal and reviewers invited by the journal are considered to have endorsed this agreement and are requested to abide by it.

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