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Intensification Effect of Ultrasonic-microwave on Liquefaction of Fir Sawdust

Yu ZHAO, Jingwei YAN, Yiyuan YANG, Keying LI, Hengji ZHU, Zexiang LU()   

  1. College of Material Engineering, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fuzhou 350002, China
  • Received:2021-01-14 Online:2022-02-28 Published:2022-03-11
  • Contact: Zexiang LU E-mail:luzexiang@163.com


The intensification effect of ultrasonic-microwave (UW-MW) assisted on the liquefaction of fir sawdust was discussed by using n-octanol as a solvent and sulfuric acid as a catalyst.The influence of process parameters on the liquefaction ratio was investigated, and the liquefied products were characterized and analyzed.The experimental results showed that ultrasonic-microwave had a good effect on the mass and heat transfer enhancement effect.Compared with the traditional liquefaction, the reaction time of sawdust ultrasonic-microwave assisted liquefaction was shortened from 60 min to 20 min, and the liquefaction ratio increased by 5.24%.Under the conditions of the mass ratio of solvent to sawdust of 6, the concentration of catalyst of 0.6 mol/L, the liquefaction rate of sawdust reached 64.30%, and the proper addition of γ-valerolactone could increased the liquefaction rate to 81.17%.In the liquefaction process, a little molten materials gradually deposited on the surface of the solid-residue product (SR), which hindered the further liquefaction of the fir sawdust.The most of degradation products of cellulose and hemicelluloses in the sawdust were mainly small-molecule sugars etc.which were enriched in the water-soluble product (WS).The degradation products of lignin were mainly composed of aromatic etc.substances which were distributed in the bio-oil product (BO).

Key words: fir sawdust, liquefaction, ultrasonic, microwave, intensification

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